How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Nevada?

Going through a divorce isn’t easy. Even if spouses are on amicable terms about the marriage ending, they may be stressed out due to the potentially high cost of divorce in Nevada and time expenses along the way. Though there is no definite answer to “How much does a divorce cost in Nevada?”, there are certain factors you can consider when estimating the approximate price.

We have collected the most relevant information on the cost of divorce in Nevada, explained how the price depends on the type of marriage dissolution and the complexity of divorce issues, touched upon an online divorce cost, and provided some recommendations on how to reduce divorce cost. Besides, we offer quick and professional assistance with paperwork to couples that apply for a simple divorce and aim at decreasing their divorce cost in Nevada.

Average Cost of a Divorce in Nevada

According to Divorce and Finance, spouses starting a divorce in Nevada may have to spend from  $14,000 to $20,000, on average, to terminate their marriage. The divorce cost in Nevada fluctuates so much because there are no two identical cases.

In general, a simple divorce when spouses are ready to compromise regarding different divorce issues is cheaper and quicker. On the contrary, the average cost of a divorce in Nevada when a couple disagrees about child custody and support, property division, etc., is likely to be high. Besides, such divorces usually last longer.

In addition to various disputes, the cost of divorce in Nevada is also influenced by the specifics of a case. For instance, if spouses have minor kids, they may need to cover additional expenses related to parenting classes, estimation of child support, involving third-party experts, etc.

This is just a rough description of what makes up a divorce cost. Below, you can find more details on how much it costs to file for divorce in Nevada, whether online divorce cost is lower than traditional in-person filing, how mediation affects the average cost of a divorce in the state, and whether it is possible to reduce a divorce cost to a filing fee only.  

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Nevada

The average cost of an uncontested divorce when spouses navigate the process without a lawyer is approximately $500-$700. Such marriage dissolution is categorized as a simple divorce, meaning there are no conflicts on matters such as child custody, spousal support, property and debt division, and other case-specific divorce issues. The “peaceful” nature of marriage dissolution is the most important factor influencing how much an uncontested divorce costs in Nevada.

In general, the expenses consist of:

  • a court filing fee, which may vary across counties,
  • document serving fees that depend on the method chosen,
  • payment for document preparation service if you order it.

In some cases, spouses can minimize a divorce cost or totally avoid spending money. For instance, if a petitioner cannot pay a filing fee, they can ask the court to waive it by submitting the Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

It is also possible to lower expenses if a defendant files a waiver of service, notifying the court that formal paper delivery isn’t required. In addition to money-saving reasons, some spouses also strive to make their divorce process faster. So, they choose electronic document submission instead of filing papers in person. The online divorce cost for submitting documents is similar across the state.

When trying to answer the question “How much does an uncontested divorce cost in Nevada?”, you need to take into account the possible expenses from the list above. If you go without a lawyer and deal with the legal paperwork on your own, the divorce price can start at $300-$400.

Cost of Contested Divorce in Nevada

The cost of a contested divorce in Nevada can easily exceed $10,000. A contested marriage dissolution is usually associated with different unresolved divorce issues that increase all expenses to 5-digit sums.

Sometimes, to find common ground on child custody and support, division of assets and liabilities, or any other disputed topics, spouses may address a mediator. An expert will manage the conversation, helping clients reach mutually satisfying decisions and potentially end up with a simple divorce.

On average, mediators in Nevada charge $450 per session. Therefore, the more consultations spouses need to settle disputes, the higher the cost of mediation becomes. In highly conflictual cases, mediation can take several months, so the cost of contested divorce in Nevada will rise greatly. However, remember that a mediator isn’t allowed to provide legal advice, and if that is important for spouses, they’ll have to reach out to a certified family law attorney.

When hiring lawyers, partners usually anticipate court litigation and seek full-scope assistance. Typically, the lawyer’s involvement is a key factor that impacts an overall divorce cost. The more time an attorney spends on a case and the longer the marriage dissolution lasts, the higher the divorce price becomes. Each party may spend as much as $20,000 in highly contested divorces.

Below, you can see a more in-depth overview of lawyers’ fees in Nevada.

Average Fees for a Divorce Lawyer in Nevada

The average fees for a divorce lawyer in Nevada range from $250 to $500 per hour. A divorce lawyer cost can vary because of attorney’s experience and reputation, geographical location, complexity of the case, and the number of divorce issues to resolve.

In addition to hourly billing, divorce lawyers may use the following pricing methods:

  • Flat fee. It is a predetermined payment for a particular kind of assistance, e.g., filling out divorce forms. It is convenient if you need assistance with a specific matter and don’t want to raise the cost of a divorce in Nevada greatly, paying for full-scope representation.
  • Retainer fee. Attorneys may require clients to pay some money in advance which is used by a lawyer while working on the case.
  • Hybrid billing. Attorneys may charge a flat fee for specific services and apply an hourly rate for others. With such pricing system, it may be challenging to calculate the approximate divorce cost in Nevada before the case is over.

In general, attorney fees in Nevada are rather high. If you apply for a simple divorce and need help with paperwork only, you can rely on our service. We will prepare a whole package of divorce forms for you within several business days for a very moderate fee so that you can reduce your offline or online divorce cost.

Average Filing Fees in Nevada

The average filing fees in Nevada are $270-$400. They depend on the county and whether spouses apply for divorce jointly or one of them becomes a petitioner while the other partner is a defendant. If they submit a Joint Petition for Divorce, they will typically have to pay around $50 less if compared to cases when simple divorce is not an option and a petitioner has to file a Complaint for Divorce. In this case, the average filing fees in Nevada are $350-$400.

As you can see, divorce costs, and average filing fees in Nevada, in particular, are lower in uncontested cases. Therefore, if partners want to minimize expenses, they should do their best to resolve divorce issues before starting the marriage dissolution.

If parties choose eFiling, an online divorce cost will not differ much from an offline one. Though spouses will need to cover additional expenses for submitting papers electronically, they are rather moderate – around $3 per the form uploaded.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Nevada Divorce

A divorce cost is a variable amount that is influenced by different factors such as case specifics, level of cooperation between parties and readiness to compromise, presence of minor kids, amount of joint property spouses own, etc. In the table below, we have described the most common factors that affect the cost of a Nevada divorce. Besides, we included some hints on how to minimize your expenses.


How divorce cost is changed

Type of Divorce

An uncontested simple divorce, when spouses settle on terms of marriage termination, costs less than a contested divorce, which involves disputes over child custody, property division, and alimony.


Therefore, if you have any disagreements with your spouse, try to find possible methods to resolve them before filing with the court. If you can’t do that on your own, contact a mediator or a lawyer for help.

Minor Children

If partners have minor kids, they have to cover additional expenses. For instance, they will have to attend paid parent education classes to get a clear understanding of how to manage parenthood after a divorce.


Besides, when determining the amount of child support and visitation schedule, they may need to hire an evaluator and parenting coordinator to handle the task. Such services are paid.


While parenting classes are obligatory and this payment is unavoidable, it is possible to reduce other child-related costs. For example, if parents negotiate child custody and support themselves, they won’t need to pay for third-party assistance.

Type & Diversity of Marital Assets

If there are divorce issues related to joint property division, spouses can’t do without the involvement of appraisers, forensic accountants, or financial analysts to analyze and evaluate these assets. Of course, such services add up to a divorce price.


The only way to avoid or reduce such expenses is to sort out conflicts before starting a divorce.


Level of Legal Assistance

Some partners contact a lawyer for a consultation or handling paperwork, while others seek full-scope representation. The latter option entails more expenses.

How We Can Help You

Divorce is often a complicated and expensive process. Our service works diligently to simplify its first stage – paperwork preparation – for couples who have resolved all divorce issues and start an uncontested, simple divorce. Our service provides the divorce forms required in specific divorce cases.

By entrusting us with paperwork, you can avoid high expenses on preparing legal documents with a lawyer’s help and, resultantly, reduce overall divorce costs. The prices we charge for divorce papers and detailed filing instructions are quite affordable. Besides, you may not worry about making mistakes in your documents. With the papers provided, you can start a traditional offline or online divorce. The second option is gaining popularity due to its convenience and moderate online divorce cost.