Online Divorce in Nevada: Documents Preparation

When saving marriage seems impossible, most couples decide to apply for divorce. To begin the divorce process, you can apply for divorce online or offline. Given that you can act independently if your marriage dissolution is uncontested, cheap divorce in Nevada is an attainable goal.

Online divorce in Nevada is the best solution for couples with an uncontested case looking for a quick and stress-free marriage dissolution. By filing for a Nevada online divorce on your own, you can significantly save time and money on the involvement of lawyers. To prepare divorce documents online, you can contact services offering divorce help online.

Our online divorce service completes the necessary paperwork and provides step-by-step instructions for divorce in Nevada online. With our help, you can get your papers at a favorable price and use them to file for online divorce in Nevada independently.

Ordering paperwork from us, you will get:

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If you prepare for Nevada online divorce on our platform, you can obtain your documents without extra effort and expenses, making a cheap divorce in Nevada possible.

Grounds for Divorce in Nevada

All legal grounds for divorce in Nevada are no-fault. There are only 3 grounds for divorce in Nevada that you can state in your Complaint or Joint Petition for Divorce:

  1. Incompatibility between parties which does not allow them to save the marriage.
  2. Living separately without cohabitation for 12 months.
  3. Insanity of either spouse, which lasts at least 2 years before filing with the court (NV ST § 125.010).

Some legal grounds for divorce in Nevada may require additional documents to prove them, like official medical confirmation of insanity of either party. The specified grounds for divorce in Nevada can also affect the step-by-step dissolution proceedings.  

Divorce Papers in Nevada: What Forms Do You Need to File

The list of NV divorce papers may differ depending on your situation. Can you get divorce papers online? Yes, you can complete Nevada divorce forms online by yourself using the court’s official website. However, you should first determine which ones are mandatory for your case.

Another way to get cheap divorce papers online is through an online document preparation service. With its help, you will receive Nevada divorce papers online quickly and will not have to search for and fill out the forms yourself.

If your case is uncontested and you have agreed with your spouse on all marriage termination issues, you will have to prepare the following divorce papers in Nevada online or offline to file for a simplified process:

1. Affidavit of Resident Witness

It is necessary to confirm that the state's residency requirements are met. A person who is often in contact with one of the parties should fill out this form.

2. Confidential Information Sheet

This document is intended for entering the spouses’ social security numbers and protecting them from third-party access.

3. Joint Petition for Divorce

In the Petition, parties indicate the date of their marriage and specify the terms of their divorce.

If your case is contested, the offline or online divorce paperwork to complete will be different.

You will need to fill out these divorce forms in Nevada online or offline to start the ordinary divorce process in the state:

1. Cover Sheet

In it, you should indicate your personal data and the type of case.

2. Summons

This form is used to notify the defendant that you have filed for divorce, and they have 21 days to respond.

3. Complaint for Divorce

In the Complaint, you need to state your requests to the judge regarding property division, child custody, and alimony.

When preparing divorce papers online or on paper, pay attention that some of the listed documents have two types, intended for couples with and without children. In addition, you may need other case-specific forms.

If you still wonder how to get divorce papers online, contact the document preparation service for help. You will receive the necessary divorce forms in Nevada online in just a few days and will not have to worry about whether you have chosen the right ones for your online divorce application.      

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Nevada

Divorce with a Lawyer

Traditional legal process involving lawyers to represent the interests of spouses in court.

  • A high attorney’s hourly rate significantly increases the overall expenses of divorce.
  • Adjusting to the busy lawyer’s schedule lengthens the duration of the entire process.
  • Numerous court hearings make parties more tense and provoke new disagreements.
  • Constant disputes between parents worsen the emotional state of children.
  • Most cases still end with the conclusion of a Marital Settlement Agreement.

Online Paperwork Preparation Service

Cheap and reliable option to file for uncontested divorce in Nevada online or offline yourself.

  • You don’t need to determine and search for divorce forms in Nevada online on your own.
  • You get a set of necessary Nevada divorce papers online in a few working days.
  • You don’t have to adjust to lawyers’ schedules or attend numerous court hearings.
  • A questionnaire can be completed from any place and device.
  • The absence of disputes will help you maintain friendly relations after a divorce.

DIY Divorce in Nevada

The cheapest but most time-consuming and effortful option to terminate marital relations.

  • To submit divorce forms in Nevada online or offline, you first need to define their list.
  • Preparation for divorce takes much more time compared to online divorce in Nevada.
  • There is no guarantee you will get the expected outcome.
  • Violation of process requirements may lead to the postponement of the case.
  • Resubmitting Nevada divorce forms online or on paper may incur unforeseen extra costs.

How to Fill Out Nevada Divorce Papers

Several steps to file for divorce constitute the process. The first step in filing for divorce is the preparation of mandatory documents, the list of which differs depending on the case.

What to do before filing for divorce? If you are interested in how to file for a divorce in Nevada online or in person, you first need to find out whether your case is contested, which will determine what documents you may need, and familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for filling them out.

Completing the paperwork to file for divorce in Nevada online or on paper, you should remember the following:

  1. There is no best way to file for divorce; you can file for divorce online or offline. The list of mandatory documents and requirements for their completion will not change due to the method of their submission.
  2. When preparing papers for Nevada divorce filing, be attentive and avoid mistakes. The clerk may not accept your forms if they contain smudges or inaccurate data.
  3. While filling out a Petition or Complaint, do not use outdated terms or inaccurate wording. The judge may interpret them differently than you expect.
  4. When getting a divorce, fill in all the information that the document requires of you without leaving empty fields where unnecessary. Multiple clarification of missing data will prolong the consideration of your case in court.
  5. When filing for divorce in Nevada online or in person, you will have to disclose your financial statements. Don’t hide any information about the assets or liabilities you own. Otherwise, you may receive a fine or other punishment.

Once your paperwork is ready, you can file for divorce in Nevada online if e-filing is implemented in your county or offline if not.

Using the document preparation service will allow you to get the necessary papers faster and without stress and, as a result, ensure an easy divorce filing.

What happens after you file for divorce? Once you have submitted the papers, you should follow the steps in filing for divorce in accordance with a simplified or ordinary procedure.   

How to Get a Divorce in Nevada Without a Lawyer?

You can file for divorce within the state in several possible ways. Can you file for divorce without a lawyer? Yes, you can. However, acting on your own is most appropriate if you have an uncontested divorce in Nevada.

To file for a divorce without a lawyer under a simplified procedure, you and the other party should decide over divorce terms yourself and submit a Joint Petition to the court.

Here are the main issues you need to agree on if you are interested in how to get divorced without an attorney:

Child-related issues are often among the most disputed ones. To divorce without a lawyer, you and your future ex must resolve the disagreements regarding the children’s residence, maintenance, and visitation. If you cannot agree on your own, you will have to follow the ordinary divorce procedure, letting the judge make decisions. One way or another, they will always be based on the best interests of minor kids.

Under state law, all marital property must be divided in half during a divorce. To have an uncontested divorce in Nevada, you need to independently determine how your joint bank accounts, real estate, cars, jewelry, etc., will be divided. Property you owned before marriage, as well as personal gifts and inheritances, will not be shared.

In Nevada, spousal support or alimony is usually awarded after long-term marriages if the parties’ income levels differ significantly. If you divorce in Nevada without a lawyer, you need to discuss this issue in advance and indicate its terms in the Joint Petition. You can decide whether one of you will pay alimony to the other, what its amount will be, etc., on your own.

Nevada uncontested divorce may be the best option for couples looking for a quick and easy divorce within the state. Since Nevada recognizes a simplified process for couples who do not have disputes, you can divorce without an attorney completely independently or by preparing paperwork with the help of an online service and undergoing an online divorce in Nevada.     

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Nevada

DIY divorce in Nevada can be an option to get a dissolution of marriage on your own without involving lawyers or mediators. If you are interested in how to file for divorce by yourself, you should know that you have two ways to terminate marital relations. If your case is uncontested, you can follow the simplified procedure, but if it is contested, filing divorce papers yourself will be done according to the ordinary process.

How to file your own divorce if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of dissolution? Here is a step-by-step guide for a contested do-it-yourself divorce in Nevada:

  1. Prepare the papers. If you act independently, determine which paperwork is necessary for your case and learn how to fill out divorce papers yourself.
  2. Submit the completed paperwork to the court. You can file for divorce in Nevada online through the e-filing system if it is available in your county or at the court clerk’s office. When submitting the papers, you must pay the mandatory filing fee.
  3. Serve the defendant. After you file divorce papers in Nevada online or offline, you have 120 days to notify the other spouse of the lawsuit through the serving procedure. Given that you cannot do it yourself, you can ask a constable, a sheriff, a private process server, or another person above 18 to deliver the documents.
  4. Get an answer. After receiving the papers, the defendant has 21 days to provide a response or a counterclaim.
  5. Attend the court hearing and finalize the marriage dissolution. Since there are disagreements between you and the other party, you will have to attend one or more trials to resolve them and get a judge’s decision on your divorce.

How to file your own divorce papers if your case is uncontested? Typically, an agreed-upon offline or online divorce in Nevada can be finalized more easily and quickly due to a simplified procedure that allows spouses to avoid serving the defendant and attending a court hearing.

The following are the stages of how to start filing for divorce under a simplified procedure:

  1. Complete the divorce papers. To start a do-it-yourself divorce in Nevada, you need to prepare a Joint Petition and other documents required for your case.
  2. File for offline or online divorce. You can e-file or submit paperwork on paper. It depends on the county where you file for marriage dissolution.
  3. Finalize the divorce. If the judge has no objections to your agreements stated in the Petition, the court will issue a Decree of Divorce without setting a trial.

In most cases, an uncontested DIY divorce in Nevada is the easiest way to end a marriage in the state. If you are looking for a solution to further speed up and simplify the process, you can turn to our online document preparation service. We guarantee that you will receive all the necessary documents in a few days and will be able to significantly save time on independent search and completion of the required forms.  


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To divorce in Nevada, you need to determine which marriage dissolution procedure is appropriate for your case. If it is uncontested, you can follow the simplified process; if not – the ordinary one.

Nevada laws do not set any mandatory separation period for obtaining a marriage dissolution. However, one of the grounds for divorce accepted in the state is living apart for 12 months.

When filing for a do-it-yourself divorce in Nevada, you will need to prepare the forms on your own or with the help of an online service and file them with the court independently.

State law does not prohibit you from filing for divorce if you are pregnant. However, the judge may not finalize the case until the child is born, which may depend on many circumstances.

To start the divorce procedure, you need to prepare the papers for divorce necessary for filing with the court. You can do it yourself, involve a lawyer, or use a reliable and budget-friendly online service.