Cheap Divorce in Nevada: Available Methods

Marriage dissolution is often a difficult and exhausting process that requires a lot of expenses. Although cheap divorce in Nevada can become a reality for some cases, you need to understand what consequences the cheapest way to get a divorce may have and figure out if there are any other methods of reducing costs.

There are several ways to get cheap divorce forms and save your money. You don’t even have to do everything yourself. Modern online services can help you prepare cheap divorce papers online if your case is uncontested. This way, you may not involve a lawyer while working on divorce documents and get a relatively cheap divorce in Nevada.

In this article, we will check the available options for cheap divorce in Nevada so that you can determine the most suitable one for your case. In addition, we will discuss how to get a quick divorce in Nevada and prepare cheap divorce papers for filing with the court.

How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Nevada?

There are several options for preparing and filing for divorce, such as acting independently, hiring a lawyer, and turning to an online service to complete cheap divorce papers online.

The do-it-yourself (DIY) dissolution is the cheapest way to divorce in Nevada. To manage the DIY process, you must find the necessary forms independently, fill them out, and submit them to the clerk’s office. Proceeding without anyone’s help allows you to pay only mandatory filing fees and avoid spending money on lawyers or mediators. However, this cheapest way to get a divorce can be risky: any mistake you make when filling out the forms may lead to court rejection. Besides, going through the process entirely on your own, you cannot be sure you will get the desired outcomes of your divorce.

While hiring an attorney to help you with the paperwork or represent you in court is reliable, marriage dissolution with a lawyer cannot be called a cheap divorce in Nevada. Indeed, this method does not guarantee that you will receive cheap divorce forms or undergo a procedure with no extra expenses. Since the average attorney’s hourly rate within the state is between $250 and $400, your spending will be significantly higher than in a DIY divorce.

How to get a cheap divorce in Nevada when involving a lawyer? To save money on attorney’s services, you should consider limited representation. For example, you can engage a lawyer to determine the list of papers required for your case, discuss your steps during the process, or get a one-time consultation on any issue.

Using an online document preparation service is a good option for an uncontested case, making cheap divorce in Nevada possible. It will enable you to obtain the documents for your marriage dissolution promptly and at a very reasonable price.

Here are the main benefits of online paperwork preparation:

  1. You will not need to determine and search for the necessary forms yourself.
  2. You will not risk obtaining outdated documents that are no longer accepted by courts.
  3. In addition to the ready-made set of papers, you will receive step-by-step instructions on submitting paperwork to the court.

If you have already agreed to the divorce terms and are looking for a way to get a cheap and quick divorce in Nevada, consider ordering our online service. We offer the preparation of court-approved and cheap divorce papers in a few days for a fixed price and provide 24/7 customer support.

Cheapest Way to Get a Divorce with a Child in Nevada

Since the summary dissolution for uncontested cases is available in the state, the cheapest way to get a divorce with a child in Nevada is to agree with the other party on child custody, visitation, and maintenance and file a Joint Petition with the court. Submitting it, you will not have to serve your spouse or attend a court hearing, increasing your chances of getting a fast divorce in Nevada.

To get a cheap divorce in Nevada with a child, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Prepare the paperwork. You can fill out the forms yourself or use the online service to quickly complete cheap divorce papers.
  2. File with the court. You must submit documents to the county clerk’s office to start proceedings.
  3. Submit a Decree of Divorce. Once the judge reviews your arrangements specified in the Joint Petition and signs the Decree of Divorce, you must file it with the clerk’s office to finalize the process.

If you are interested in “What’s the cheapest way to get a divorce with a child?”, you need to resolve all child-related issues with your spouse and file for divorce jointly. To prepare for the process, you can search for forms yourself or get cheap divorce papers online with the help of a reliable service.


The state’s cheapest way to divorce is a DIY marriage dissolution. To obtain it, you must define and complete the necessary forms and submit them to the clerk’s office yourself.

To get a cheap divorce in Nevada, you should complete the papers yourself or order them from an online service, file them with the court, and go through the divorce process on your own.

You can get a cheap and quick divorce in Nevada with children involved if you agree with your spouse over the terms of their custody and support and file with the court jointly. You can prepare the necessary papers yourself or with the help of an online service.